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We offer our own line of server hosting, custom built for modded Minecraft. We built our hosting platform with 3 core values, price, listening to feedback, and high quality support. Pick your server up for as little a $8!
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Money and Donations
Over the past few years of running Kinetic, I’ve found myself to get the same questions. So starting today, I’m going to make a few blog posts that shine a light on how Kinetic is run, our past mistakes, and what it takes to keep the network ticking. I hope this will give you an...
Ultimate 1.7.10 is incoming!
In a post yesterday I spoke about a new 1.7.10 modpack that would be some what a successor to our old Infinity 1.7.10. Combining magic, tech, and more all into one modpack, and showcasing all the best mods for the 1.7.10 update. Here it is…. Kinetic: Ultimate – 1.7.10 The pack and server will go...
Towny is coming to Mythic!
A few weeks ago we spoke about some big updates we were going to be bring to our Mythic server. The first of them have already landed, with huge upgrades to our claim system, and removal of banned items. However, more is to come. We’re launching a towny version of our Mythic server, and we’re...
About Kinetic
SleepingTea (Chris) started the Kinetic Network back in 2017 to offer a public server for his modpack Kinetic. Over the past few years, it has been grown out into a network, hosting, and community with over 5000 members. Everything at Kinetic is built on two main core values. Listen to customers and players, and make sure it's open and welcoming for everyone
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Money and Donations
  • 1 September 2020
Ultimate 1.7.10 is incoming!
Towny is coming to Mythic!
  • 15 August 2020
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